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Triggers: Use Them to Improve Your Marketing

Triggers make us – both humans and animals – do certain things without even thinking about them.

That is why marketers and copywriters are liberal with the use of psychological triggers in their marketing materials.


If you want to improve your marketing, if you want everything you put out there to be gobbled up by the reader, then you should add some psychological triggers in your marketing materials.

Whether it is an email, a sales copy, or even an ad.

The experiment

“Excuse me, can I please cut in front of you because I am in a hurry?”

This was the reason that made 94% of the people in a queue let someone cut in front of them to make photocopies.

This experiment was made to demonstrate how certain triggers make us do some things without thinking about them.

And that’s what you should do as a marketer.

There are specific triggers that make us humans do certain things without thinking about them.

And intelligent marketers all over the world have used these triggers to make prospects do their bidding.

Therefore, as a copywriter, you too should be able to use these triggers to persuade your readers to buy from you.

Some triggers

Here are a few psychological triggers you can add to your marketing materials (emails, sales copies, and ads) to boost conversion.

There are many more you can use.

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Try it out and notice the difference in your business and career.

A note of warning

Triggers: How to Use Them to Improve Your Marketing

I wouldn’t be a good person if I did not warn you about these psychological triggers.

Whatever you do, don’t use them to ruin people’s lives.

Human beings are the most skeptical on the planet.

Therefore, to move them to action and do something that will benefit them will take some doing.

That is why researchers like Robert Cialdini have given us marketers the tool to make people better themselves in the most ethical way possible.

Don’t use it for evil.