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What is a Video Sales Letter?

Video Sales Letter

If you want to learn what a video sales letter (VSL) is, read this article to the end.

People are watching far more video content than they have in the past.

Video continues to play an important role in consumers’ interactions with brands, and they expect to see even more video content in the coming year.

People enjoy video content. But how does this affect sales?

Including video in your sales process, on the other hand, can help you establish credibility and trust with your prospects.

Let’s look at how to use video in sales with a video sales letter in this post.

We’ll go over the history of the sales letter, the format of a video sales letter, and finally, software and examples to get you started.

What is a video sales letter?

A video sales letter is a video that sells a prospect on your product or service.

Your video sales letter will grab your prospect’s attention, discuss their pain points, showcase your product as a solution, and inspire action, just like a traditional sales letter.

Ideally, your video will also discuss social proof and establish credibility.

It’s similar to giving an elevator pitch.

The goal of your video sales letter is to persuade your target audience that your product can help them solve their problems.

Video sales letters are a modern form of communication that can cut through the constant barrage of noise that buyers are increasingly bombarded with.

It creates a more realistic and relatable experience, which aids in the progression of the process.

Sales letters are traditionally a piece of direct mail that explains the benefits of a product.

They should be personalized, emphasize the pain points, and provide a solution if done correctly.

Remember that the main goal of a video sales letter is to sell something.

You might be thinking, “Where do I start?”

You’ll need to start by writing your script.

You should start with a hook to catch your audience’s attention.

Then you should move on to highlighting your prospect’s pain points.

To accomplish this, you should make an emotional appeal to your prospects.

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Then it’s time to present your product or service as a solution.

It’s time to demonstrate how your product can solve your prospect’s problem after you’ve explained how it can.

This means using before and after photos or testimonials to provide social proof.

Finally, include a call to action.

Motivate your viewers by offering discounts or limited-time offers.

Keep in mind that the narrative is the most important aspect of your video sales letter as you begin to flesh out your script.

At each stage, you’ll want to achieve your goals and gain confidence.

“How do I make this video?” you might be wondering. Let’s take a look at some software that can help you create a video sales letter.

Video sales letter softwares

1. Hippo Video

Using video content during the sales process can help you build genuine relationships with your prospects.

You can record, share, and track video engagement with Hippo Video.

This platform makes creating personalized videos and distributing them across multiple platforms simple. This platform focuses on making videos easily accessible.

You can build trust, provide value, and nurture a relationship with a prospect using Hippo Video.

A video sales letter can help you close more deals by speeding up the sales process.

2. Dubb

For salespeople, Dubb is a video communication platform.

To increase engagement, bookings, and sales, you can easily create actionable videos from anywhere.

If you need to make videos on the go, this is a great option.

You can create a video sales letter right from your phone using the Dubb mobile app.

You can even use your phone to edit your videos.

3. Biteable

Biteable is a platform that uses professional quality templates to help you create compelling videos in minutes.

You can add voiceover, photos, screenshots, and your logo to the video.

Plus, you can use this platform to add animated, claymation, and live-action footage to your video sales letter.

This is a fantastic platform for those who don’t want to spend a fortune but still require assistance with their footage.

4. Wyzowl

Wyzowl can assist you in creating a video sales letter to boost your sales.

You can make a live-action video, a demo video, or an animated video.

This platform has the advantage of allowing you to use animated graphics.

You can also use this platform to create an interactive video that allows your prospect to direct their own experience.

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5. Promo

More than two million scroll-stopping marketing videos have already been created using Promo.

It comes with over 2500 video templates, more than 23 million premium HD videos and photos, and award-winning customer service.

Promo can help you create video sales letters that are effective.

So, how does this work in practice?

Take a look at some video sales letter examples below.

Video sales letter examples

1. Vince Reed

Vince Reed introduces his brand to his target audience in this video.

To begin, he determines what he can do, which is to generate leads via social media advertising.

Then he uses real-life customer testimonials to show how hiring him has benefited them.

The purpose of this video is to introduce prospects to his work and to establish credibility and trust through social proof.

2. Keep more money

A video sales letter for a new book is used in this example.

It begins by discussing the pain points that the target audience is experiencing.

The video then goes over what you’ll learn from reading this book.

This is a simple example that demonstrates how animation can effectively convey your message.

3. Practitioner of peace video sales letter

Beau Norton, a personal development author, created a video sales letter to explain his company in this example.

While this is a longer example, Norton clearly defines the issue and introduces his solution to his audience.

The video editor used motivational music and videos to match the product’s overall brand message.

4. Frank Kern

This video sales letter example from Frank Kern is excellent because it is neither slick nor overly salesy.

While the VSL contains everything you’d expect to find in a successful video sales letter, the video itself is a little rough, which gives it a more human touch.

Advantages of a video sales letter

Video sales letters are an excellent addition to your marketing strategy for several reasons.

Video sales letters incorporate video marketing, which has grown in popularity and effectiveness over the last few years.

For good reason, 69 percent of people say that watching a short video is the best way to learn about a new product or service (Wyzowl).

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It’s no surprise that 88 percent of marketers anticipate increasing their spending on video campaigns in the future (Social Media Week).

You’ll appreciate the following advantages of video sales letters:

  • They’re persuasive: It’s simple to share information that will persuade your target audience to take action with video sales letters.
  • They’re interesting: Video captures the attention of potential customers in a way that text alone cannot. You can use video sales letters to show off your brand’s personality and share important information about your brand because the tone isn’t left to the imagination.
  • They have a pleasing appearance: While text-based marketing can include images, fonts, and colors, videos have the added benefit of motion. You can use this to show your products in action in real-time and keep your audience’s attention longer than text-based marketing.
  • They have a strong emotional impact: Instead of requiring your target audience to make their own decisions about what you’re trying to say, video conveys the entire emotional intent of your marketing campaign.

How long should a video sales letter be?

There is no minimum or maximum length for VSLs, but there are some guidelines to follow.

One, your sales video should be as short as necessary to capture attention, adequately explain key selling points, and direct viewers to the next step.

If you can do it in a minute or two, that’s fantastic. If you require five, you will require five.

Two, the more expensive your product or service is, the more critical it is to clearly explain the value of its features and establish trust.

Complex products and services are the same way, especially if your audience is unfamiliar with them.

Longer video content may be required in these cases.

So don’t worry about the length as long as you’ve focused on what’s important and left out the rest.

Final thoughts on video sales letters

Finally, using video in sales is an excellent way to engage with prospects while also providing value.

A video sales letter should highlight the problems and portray your product or service as the answer.

Therefore, should you use a video sales letter?

The short answer is yes.

This is because more people pay attention to video than text.

But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, include both a VSL and a written sales letter on your sales page.

This way, you can capture the attention of both types of audiences.

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