What Are Sales Letters?

What Are Sales Letters?

If you want to know what sales letters are, read this short article to the end.

Sales letters are also called Letters of Sale, Marketing Sales Letters, and Business Sales letters. It can also be known as direct mail because it is sent directly to the customer.

What are sales letters?

A sales letter is a written message that tries to persuade the reader to do something.

Sales letters are different from other forms of messages because they go deeper than what you are reading.

For instance, sales letters target people’s emotions and other primal parts of the human psyche to persuade them to take an action.

That is why people spend years learning how to write an effective sales letter. And also, that’s why direct response copywriters are paid the big bucks.

Direct response copywriters can earn up to $1,000 per hour.

For a single sales letter, some direct response copywriters are paid up to $35,000.

You may be asking yourself, “why are direct response copywriters paid this much?”

And that will be a good question with a simple answer.

Because a sales letter directly adds to your bottom line.

That is, they are directly responsible for increasing your business and making it flourish beyond your wildest dreams.


A good sales letter can increase your business by over 1300%. That’s 1300 percent.

Imagine you are making 100,000 a year.

A good sales letter can bring in over 1,300,000 dollars in a year.

That’s right.

How can you write a good sales letter?

I won’t make this article long by explaining how to write a good sales letter.

Check out this post if you really want to learn how to write a good sales letter.

Elements of a good sales letter

There are different important elements of a good sales letter and if you miss any one of them, you might be jeopardizing your business.

Some of the important elements of a good sales letter are:

  1. Headline
  2. Hook/Introduction
  3. Body
  4. Call to action

Click here to learn more about the important elements of a good sales letter.

An all-important aspect of writing a sales copy


Especially, psychological triggers.

Listen, we are all human beings. And no matter how sophisticated we try to act, the same things motivate us.

Money, power, security, status, etc.

And if you can write a sales copy that targets these psychological triggers, you will become a demi-god to your business and others’ businesses (That’s if you’re a copywriter)

Click here to learn how to use psychological triggers in your sales letter to make more sales.

Advantages of a sales letter

  • It is less expensive to write a sales letter.
  • Reach a customer where a salesperson can’t.
  • Reach out to a large number of people at once.
  • Easy to comprehend and complete details are available.
  • More practical, efficient, and thorough.

Here are 17 tips for writing a good sales letter.

Maku Seun is a freelance copywriter and Direct Response Marketer. He helps digital marketers, coaches, and course creators boost sales by writing compelling sales letters for their products and services. If you’d him to write a sales letter for your business, click here.

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