Ultimate Guide: What Is Copywriting?

what is copywriting. Direct Response Copywriter And What They Do

What is copywriting?

You have a business or you want to launch one… You want to sell something and you are wondering if you need a direct response copywriter? This post will help you out.

You must have heard about direct response copywriting, or sales copywriting… Or just copywriting.

And you have been wondering how it can help your business.

Keep on reading to discover how.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is writing for the main purpose of marketing or other forms of advertising.

The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action like buy a product or service, or enter their email address.

In plain English…

Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that motivate people to take some form of action, such as making a purchase, clicking on a link, donating to a cause, or scheduling a consultation.

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a professional who is responsible for writing the content used in promotional materials. 

Copywriters are professionals who have learned and practiced their craft.

None of us were born copywriters, but we learned the skill and became good at it. (Which is why companies pay us a bunch of cash).

And anyone can learn the skill with some persistence.

And because of the myths about copywriters flying around like, “copywriters are born” or “you can’t learn how to write“, not many people venture into this field.

I can’t count the number of times I told someone I’m a copywriter that they did not ask me… “what is that”? And then I have to explain what it means. (Sometimes I just send them a link to one of my works.)

And because not many people are copywriters, it works to your advantage.

Who uses copywriters?

Copywriting is one of the core activities of any business.

Without copywriters, businesses won’t be able to get new customers, keep the old ones, or share their message to the world in a manner that will make the customers eager to patronize your business.

Whenever you see an ad, a billboard, read a company’s website, or read a product description, you are reading the words of a copywriter.

And if you take action because of what was written in the copy, then the copywriter has done his/her job well.

Many companies, both large and small use and need copywriters.

Such companies include:

  1. Financial institutions and investment firms
  2. Medical supply and pharmaceutical companies
  3. Food manufacturers
  4. Non-profit organizations
  5. Local service providers, such as car mechanics and hair salons
  6. Fitness, personal improvement, and other types of coaches
  7. Dentists, medical doctors, and other healthcare providers
  8. Self-help authors and speakers
  9. Producers of supplements and other complementary health products

And this is just a small number of the types of businesses that need a professional copywriter.

No matter what your industry is, you’ll almost certainly find a perfect match for your business somewhere in the copywriting industry.

What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

You might have heard different sources saying copywriting and content writing are different things.

And while there is a grain of truth to this, you will soon discover where the difference lies.

Normally, copywriters would rather write advertising and promotional materials.

Content writing, on the other hand, would prefer to write editorial materials like articles, blog posts, and product pages.

This is basically what both terms mean.

And there are instances where you will find copywriters who are also content writers and are talented in both areas.

But rarely will you find a professional content writer who is talented at copywriting.

He or she may have some success in copywriting, but if you want the best results for your business, and you want sales and profits to go up, then you should look to hire a copywriter.

Some definitions

Some definitions suggest that content writing is purely informational while copywriting is mainly persuasive.

This may not be the case because,

All web pages of a company’s website include some form of persuasion to click or take action.

This is obvious on a product page where you see a “buy now” button.

Even article pages use some sort of subtle persuasion where you are meant to click a link to another page on the website.

These are all elements of persuasion.

Therefore, it might be inaccurate to insinuate that content writing is completely different from copywriting.

Content writing is just another form of copywriting.

And like any good copywriting, content writing aims to engage the reader and make them take some form of action, even if it’s just staying on a website to read another page.

That being said, If you are looking to hire a copywriter, you should know exactly what it is you want this copywriter to do for you.

And once you have found out what it is you want, it will be best if you hired a copywriter who specializes in that form of a copy.

For instance, there are copywriters whose main specialty is writing persuasive long-form sales letters to persuade people to make a purchase.

While some write content majorly.

Depending on your company’s needs, you should pick someone who specializes.

This way, you get the most out of your money.

Why do businesses need copywriters?

Businesses need copywriters because good copy will communicate with your audience in a way that they will be able to understand and relate to, and a copywriter can do just that!

He or she will help to create a voice for your unique brand.

All promotional materials, web content, newsletters – everything that involves words – need to jive with your brand.

This is in the case of a content writer.

Businesses also need copywriters because they want more sales and profits.

By crafting a perfect script for your course, product launch, and service, a talented copywriter will bring in sales for your business through his copywriting services.

How important is copywriting for your business?

Let’s put it this way; if you want to have a business, or if you still want to be in business, you NEED a copywriter.

There’s no going around that.

That’s how important copywriting is for your business.

What are the different types of copywriting?

There are five (5) major types of copywriting, they are;

  1. Direct response copywriting
  2. Marketing copywriting
  3. Brand copywriting
  4. SEO copywriting
  5. Technical copywriting

Direct response copywriting

Direct response copywriting is a writing technique that is aimed at persuading or compelling prospective customers to take specific action immediately.

This technique is used to write home pages, squeeze pages, contact pages, social ads, sales letters, etc.

Its main goal is to get the prospective customer to perform the desired action.

For instance, to click a CTA, subscribe to the newsletter, download a lead magnet, share the content, etc.

Marketing copywriting

Marketing copywriting is a writing technique that drills in on your prospective customer’s pain points, problems, and desires.

With this type of copywriting, you offer a solution to a problem your customer might be having.

This technique is used to write landing pages, newsletters, and sales emails.

The goal of this type of copywriting is to close the sale or get the contract.

This type of copywriting can be defined as writing to sell.

Brand copywriting

Brand copywriting is a persuasive writing technique that delivers the image and identity of a brand.

In this case, the voice of a copy should sound as if the logo of a company could speak.

The idea is to establish an emotional connection between the brand and its target audience. To achieve this, many copywriters turn to storytelling.

This style is used to write about me pages.

The goal of this copywriting technique is to convey the mission, vision, and values of a brand, so that the target audience can recognize, identify, and differentiate it from other competing brands.

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting focuses on two main actions;

  1. To persuade the reader to take a certain action
  2. To position the content in search engines like Google

This technique is used to write product descriptions, product categories, and landing pages.

The goal of SEO copywriting is to make sure the text is both appealing to the reader and search engines.

This way, the reader enjoys the content and stays on the page longer, which prompts search engine algorithms to consider the page as important and rank it more favorably on their search pages.

Technical copywriting

Technical copywriting is a persuasive writing technique that focuses on an audience that has an in-depth understanding of how a specific sector works.

Copywriters in the technical industry use jargon only the tech-savvy audience will understand.

You can differentiate between the types of technical writing;

  1. Gastronomic copywriting
  2. Tourist copywriting
  3. Copywriting for the health sector
  4. Copywriting for the fashion and beauty sector

This technique is used to write any persuasive text, as long as it addresses an audience with an in-depth understanding of the sector.

The goal is to create bonds and engage the target audience, using the language it uses and understands.

Which one of these types of copywriters do you need?

Now that you have seen the types of copywriters there are, you should have a decent understanding of the type of copywriter you need.

That being said,

If you are not sure, shoot me an email using the contact form and I can tell you what type of copywriter you need for your business.

Better still, I could help you craft your copy if it is the type of copy I specialize in.

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