15 Reasons Why Copywriting is Important For Your Business

why copywriting is important

Today, you’re going to discover why Copywriting is important for your business. 

Good copy, like stairs, will get your business where you want it to go.

To make money online with excellent, world-class copywriting, you should read this now.

But first…

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting means writing words in a specific way to persuade the reader to take some form of action. It entices your audience to sign up for your newsletters, free trials, or buy what you’re selling.

Running a marketing campaign without much thought about your copywriting strategies is like building a house without a foundation.

Your business will crumble… and that’s only if anyone ever sees it.

Now that you know what copywriting is, let’s see why copywriting is important for your small business.

Why is Copywriting Important?

Writing appears to be simple until it isn’t.

Everyone can write, but not everyone can write persuasively – on time and with results. That’s the work of a seasoned copywriter.

If you’ve been running a business and want to step up your copywriting game, hiring a professional copywriter could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!


Because they usually know what makes people tick. They know the trigger points of certain target markets and what moves them to action.

Even if you don’t want to hire a copywriter, it would help if you used proven copywriting techniques to increase sales for your business. 

Here are some reasons why copywriting is important for your business.

1. Builds your company image

When prospective clients find you, the first thing they see is your website copy.

This helps them to know whether you’re credible, professional, and deserving of their business.

That is why first impressions are so important.

Your website copy must be flawless from the start, whether it’s in terms of tone, grammar, or user experience (UX).

The quality of your products or services is reflected in your copy. Any error will reflect poorly on you.

I’m not saying there’s no room for mistakes. One or two in a 3000-word copy is fine. But mistakes in a short-form copy are not excusable.

Good copywriting takes all of this into account.

It improves your audience’s impression of you, allowing you to begin your relationship with them on the right foot.

Great copywriting does more than just present your brand favorably. It allows your reader to feel what your brand is like and what it truly stands for.

2. Creates an emotional bond with your audience

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Your audience is constantly looking to see whether you’re the solution to their problems.

To do so, they check you out online to learn more about you.

Here’s where your brand’s story comes into play!

Well-crafted brand stories connect with your audience, assuring them that you are the right choice. They speak to your audience’s fears, hopes, and dreams, making them feel understood.

Readers will only trust and buy from you if they feel a connection with you. Good copywriting helps to form this bond between you and the prospect.

3. Brings out your brand’s personality

Aside from your front page and brand story, your company has many touch points that keep you connected with your audience.

You can use emails, social media posts, and even blog posts.

These touchpoints provide your audience with the opportunity to learn more about your company. It’s like getting to know a friend better by interacting with them!

And, just like with friends, you only trust them if they are consistent. And you’d like to see different aspects of his personality emerge over time.

Good copywriting provides your audience with precisely that experience.

It maintains your brand’s core personality across all platforms while showcasing its various charms.

Your brand’s tone of voice must be consistent whether it is a Tweet, an Instagram post, or a blog article.

Your audience will feel more connected to your brand this way. Their impressions of your company will be reinforced, and they will eventually purchase from you when they are ready.

4. Differentiates your brand from the competition

Consumers now have options.

When they want to buy something, a quick Google search shows pages of results of many options they can choose from.

They will not buy from you simply because you approached them first. Instead, they will compare you to your competitors to see which option is best for them.

That is, to win the sale, you must stand out.

You must connect the benefits of your products to their needs and serve them better than anyone else.

Do this by using an objective perspective on how you differ from your competitors. This can be surprisingly difficult to do for yourself as a business owner!

You may be so preoccupied with day-to-day operations that you distance yourself from your audience by using technical language.

Professional copywriters can help with their deep understanding of psychology and market experience in this situation.

They are trained to quickly dissect markets to identify gaps that can be filled. And the gap you fill may influence customers to choose you.

5. Help you rank higher on search engines

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It is not enough to create a website if you are not visible.

Yes, your website serves as a valuable “virtual salesperson” for visitors.

They, like salespeople in a store, can only generate sales if customers come in!

But how do you get thousands of targeted, organic visitors to your website so that your “virtual salesperson” can do its job?

You must be found on Google!

While the goal of copywriting is to help convert visitors into paying customers, great copy also helps your website rank on Google.

You can do this by adding keywords and phrases to the copy of your website that your visitors are looking for.

You need to be SEO savvy.

Or, hire an SEO-based copywriter.

6. Presents information in an exciting way

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The last thing your reader wants to read is another boring sentence. Spare them the agony!

Great copywriting presents information excitingly and engagingly.

Allow the reader to be the main character of the story. This way, the benefits of your product/service will stand out and speak to them personally and emotionally.

Excellent copywriting understands their customer persona and what makes them tick – both logically and emotionally.

7. Persuades readers to take action

Direct-response copywriting converts your nurtured leads after you’ve worked hard to build your website and content.

And the last thing you want is for your copy to fail, wasting all of your efforts.

You see…

People are naturally cautious when it comes to money. They are afraid of not receiving what they were promised.

Great copywriting addresses this fear by using logical and emotional triggers. They do this with…

  • Strong headlines that draw attention
  • Benefit-driven copy to generate interest
  • A tempting offer that prospects can’t refuse
  • Outstanding and well-targeted social proof (like testimonials)
  • Addressing potential objections adequately
  • A strong, straightforward call to action

…so prospects are at ease enough to take the plunge.

This is critical when you need to drive results and make enough sales.

For example, imagine you’re running marketing campaigns with paid ads using your last marketing dollars. The last thing you want to do is blow through your budget and end up with nothing to show for it.

8. Increases your Return on Investment (ROI)

Because of the constant increase in advertisers competing for ad space, the costs of Facebook Ads and Google Adwords have risen over the years.

Costs may have dropped recently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they will rise again once the world has recovered.

Aside from the number of bidders for ad space, the relevancy of your content influences ad costs on both platforms.

Relevancy refers to whether viewers receive what they expect when they click your ad.

Both Google and Facebook use “Quality Score” and “Relevancy Score” to determine the relevance of ads.

The higher the score, the more likely your ad will be seen by your target audience.

Google positions your ad higher on the page, whereas Facebook displays your ad in more consumers’ feeds.

The more people who see your ad, the more clicks you’ll get for the same advertising budget. This reduces your Cost Per Click (CPC).

If your CPC drops from $1 to $0.10, you can easily save thousands of dollars in marketing costs!

The relevance of your ads also ensures higher conversion rates, which maximizes your ROI.

Great copywriting creates relevant ads, lowering costs and increasing returns.

9. Protects you from the consequences of bad copywriting

If the previous eight advantages do not entice you, think about the consequences of poor copywriting.

Poor copywriting harms your company’s image by making it appear untrustworthy and unprofessional.

This scares potential customers. Even your existing customers may start to reconsider doing business with you. And your sales will not only stagnate but decline.

Your money, time, and effort spent on subpar copywriting become charity – they give the next competitor a leg up!

By going pro, you can avoid all of the hassles. 

So, instead of half-assing your copywriting, learn how to write great copy that moves the needle. Or just hire a professional copywriter.

10. Builds strong relationships with your audience

One of the main reasons why copywriting is important to your business is that it builds strong relationships with your audience.

A good copywriter will know your audience inside-out and write the type of copy that speaks to them on a personal and emotional level, as well as speaking their language.

This builds trust because it’s almost impossible to make sales online without trust.

Also, this is why most of the copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS focus on building trust and conviction.

This means that if you want to be sure that your copy makes sales, learn to write good copy that sells. Or if you don’t have the time, hire a good copywriter.

11. More sales

Good copywriting will improve your sales. Period.

If you decide to hire a copywriter, they should have the skills necessary to create sales pages that convert like a calculator. 

Some business owners see hiring a copywriter as an expense. This is far from the truth.

See hiring a copywriter as an investment, because that’s what it is. 

A good copywriter will increase your sales by creating great landing pages, sales emails, and other marketing materials.

A good copywriter also knows how to motivate people to buy from you.

They do this by using certain psychological triggers that move people to take action fast.

12. You can use the same copy on other platforms

Here’s how I do it.

I write a blog post or email my subscribers. Then, I schedule the same copy to my Twitter audience. 

You too can do this. Especially if the copy is effective. 

13. Good copywriting cuts through the noise

It’s harder than ever to gain attention online.

Short-form videos, TikTok videos, TikTok Ads, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts seem like the only thing that can keep your attention.

This is where an experienced copywriter can help.

By deeply understanding an audience, it is easier for a copywriter to grab and hold your prospect’s attention in our attention-deficit world.

14. Improves brand awareness

If you create a good copy with SEO in mind, your business will always be on the first page of search engines.  This puts you right in front of potential and existing customers.

Even if you run ads or send emails to your subscribers, if your copy hits all the emotional triggers of your target audience, they will always remember you. Especially if you know how to use effective storytelling.

15. Saves time

As a business owner, there are many things on your plate. If you have an experienced copywriter on hand, you can save a bit of time for yourself. 

You can hire copywriters to help with your blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, and ads.

And because these copywriters have a deep understanding of the target audience, whatever content they produce will be loved deeply by the audience. 

And if your audience loves your content, they’ll buy from you.

Final Thoughts

Even though there are many amazing reasons why copywriting is important to your business, this is not a small task for any small business owner. 

Use a freelance copywriter or hire a copywriting agency if you must. 

Because a professional copywriter will know how best to write a persuasive copy that speaks directly to your target audience. 

Good copywriters don’t just write copy. They make every word matter. And that’s what sells.

Contact me today if you want a good copywriter to help with your copywriting needs.

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