Why Should People Buy From You?

why should people buy from you

Why should people buy from you? What makes your product better than the competition?

Today, you’re going to discover why you should have a WHY in business and in life (Most especially, when writing a sales copy)

The past month was one of flexing.

And even though I live below my means

I felt like I needed to treat myself.


I have a fear of poverty (even if some people will preach against it)

So it doesn’t matter how much money I have,

I’m always afraid that it will run out.

That’s why I hustle every single day to make sure I have enough money in my bank account.

Whenever the money in my account starts to go below a certain point, panic attack sets in, and I start hustling like mad (even if I know money will come in at the start of the month)

Don’t get me wrong

Sometimes I get lazy and fall short of my daily goals

But I remind myself of the fact that if I don’t step it up, I’ll live a life of poverty.

This is my ultimate WHY.

Here’s the thing,

Whatever you’re doing in life (especially when it comes to success)

Know your WHY.

Your WHY is the reason you jump out of bed in the morning, even if you don’t want to.

It will be the reason you damn all consequences and do what you have to do to make sure you have some money in your bank account.

What does this have to do with copywriting?


Even if this email is about knowing your WHY, it also relates when writing your sales copy.

  • WHY should your readers listen to anything you have to say?
  • WHY should they buy from you instead of the competition with a lower price?
  • And, WHY should people buy from you?

If you can satisfactorily answer these questions,

Your prospect will choose you every time over the competition,

And you won’t worry about money again.

This is my two cents today.

If you like, listen. If you like, don’t.

It will tell on your bank account.

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