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6 Reasons Your Business Is Struggling

Reasons Your Business Is Struggling

Are you struggling to make sales? If so, here are some reasons why your business is struggling…. and how you can fix it.

Let’s face it, the number one problem for most business owners is…

Making more sales.

It keeps you up at night and overtakes your every waking moment.

But let’s find the reasons you’re not making sales and how you can fix it.

1. You failed to test the idea

News flash.

No matter how amazing you think your product or service is, if there’s no need for it in the marketplace, nobody will buy.

That’s why it’s important to test your idea to see if people want or need it.

There has to be a need for your product.

And if there isn’t, there’s no amount of work, marketing and sales copy that’ll change that.

To fix this…

Test your ideas before you do anything else.

Sure, some products have been proven to be evergreen (which means people always want them)

And you can create a product around these ideas.

But if your product is new and novel, you have to test it.

You test it by creating a webinar or running a paid ad to a landing page trying to get people to sign up for your list.

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If people don’t sign up, it means your product is not needed.

You have to find another idea.

2. You failed to start and grow your email list

Like it has been said multiple times…

The money is in the email.

Your email list is the one connection you have control over and you can keep growing this list to as many subscribers as you want.

The more subscribers you have, and the more you interact with them… providing information to them consistently, the more sales you’ll be able to make.

More importantly than creating an email list is that you should ONLY have people in there who are interested in your niche.

For instance, you cannot have people who are into sky diving sign up for a weight loss list.

It won’t work.

How to fix this

Start an email list as soon as possible if you don’t already have one.

And continue keeping up with your list so they don’t forget you amidst the hundreds of emails they get every day.

3. You failed to create a launch strategy

You need to get people excited about the product you’re about to market to them.

It won’t be wise if you just ram the product down their throats before prior foreplay.

They should be excited and educated about the product you’re offering before they can make a decision about buying.

Because, even though you know why people should use your product, most people don’t know why they should.

That’s why it is important you educate them properly before you make them an offer.

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How to fix this

Warm-up your prospect.

It’s not enough to create a product people want.

You also have to educate and excite them about your product and the things it will do for them.

4. You fail to develop trust and connection with your audience

People have to trust you to some extent before they can buy from you.

The thing about selling online is that people must trust and like you.

How many times have you bought something from someone you don’t like and trust?


How you can build trust with your audience is that you provide tons of value for them over time.

How to fix this

Give valuable information.

Let people see your face.

Most people hide behind their websites and wonder why they’re not making any sales.

5. You failed to promote it effectively

You need to spend more time marketing a product than you spent creating it.

This is because sometimes you put so much effort into creating something and less effort into marketing it.

Does this sound like you?

If yes, then you should allocate more time to marketing.

That’s where your bread and butter are.

How to fix this

Communicate constantly with your email list.

Run paid ads.

6. You can’t write a good sales copy

This is another reason your business is not making any sales.

I’ll tell you this if your product is good and you can’t create a sales copy that’ll make them buy…

You’ll be losing a lot of money.

Here’s the thing.

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Assuming you created a product that meets people’s wants and needs

Then you market it to them with a less than average sales copy

You’ll get some sales (maybe one or two – because people want it)

But imagine the number of sales you get when your sales copy is emotional and compelling enough to make more people buy.

You’ll be making bank every single day.

And if you don’t know how to write a damn good sales letter, find one and hire them.

This will make a major impact on your business.

How to fix this

Hire a good direct response copywriter. Not just any freelance writer.

That way, you’ll get a good return for your money.

Conclusion: Why your business is not making any sales

These are the major reasons your business is not making any sales.

You’ve also seen how to fix them.

Get rid of these errors and watch your sales skyrocket.

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