How Words Can Change Your Life

Words can change your life!

Today, you’re going to discover how words can change your life.


A man challenged a samurai to a sword fight.

On the day of the fight, the samurai gently removed his shirt, folded it, and placed it on the ground.

When the man saw how calmly the samurai did all these…

He surrendered.


This was the tweet that landed me a paying client three months ago.

And I’m still working with him up till today.

The lesson is…

Words can change your life!

Whether you’re speaking or writing.

Words have the power to alter emotions and moods, they can make the woman say yes to your proposal, or they can cause world war II.

That’s why it’s important you watch how you speak so you don’t offend anyone without knowing it.

More than that…

Learn how to use words to persuade people to do what you want.

Especially when it comes to buying your product or service.

It’s scientifically proven that certain words stir emotions in people.

And without even knowing it, these words affect you and me every single day.

Which is a major reason I don’t watch the news. Their aim is to scare the living hell out of you. (More on that later)

Anyways, when it comes to selling products or writing sales copy for your business, it’s important you know the emotion to arouse in your reader.

Once you know this, use those words.

This will increase the effectiveness of your copy.

From fear to greed, curiosity to anger… and a whole lot more.

These emotions can increase your online sales exponentially.

You’ve heard the phrase, emotions sell.

It’s never been more true.

There is a list of these copywriting power words in the complete copywriting course.

It comes as a bonus when you get the course.

These words will help you get more sales, and increase your business profits in no time.

The Complete Copywriting Course

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