63 Words A Copywriter Should Use to Boost Conversion

Words A Copywriter Should Use

Words sell. And as a business owner or copywriter selling something, they’re your bread and butter. And there are certain words a copywriter uses that pull the emotional strings of your reader, getting them to buy.

As a copywriter, to dig into the emotional well of your customer, you need to use certain words.

Here are 64 words that turn your ordinary copy into a powerful sales machine.

Words a copywriter should use

1. You

Using this word makes your reader the main focus of your message.

Use more of this word instead of words like ‘me’, ‘us’, ‘we’, etc.

‘You’ is the cornerstone of a customer-centric copy, which is the type of copywriting that converts well.

2. Because

Giving a reason to do something is incredibly powerful.

And the amazing thing is that your reason doesn’t have to be anything serious.

It just has to be a reason.

And, when you give a reason, you get more favorable answers.

Words to use in your headlines, Offers, and CTAs

About newness

3. Introducing

4. Welcome

5. Unique

6. Announcing

7. Breakthrough

8. Surprising

9. Exciting

10. Astounding

Words about exclusivity

11. Special

12. Secret

13. Hidden

14. Truth

15. Temptation

16. Forbidden

17. Never

18. Revealed

19. Exclusive

20. Limited

Words about urgency

21. Now

22. Discover

23. New

24. Results

25. Only

26. Direct

27. Hurry

28. Quick

29. Fast

Words that reassure

30. Can

31. Guarantee

32. Proven

33. Easy

34. Care

35. Simple

36. Safety

37. Lifetime

Words about caring

38. Family

39. Love

40. Children

41. Heaven

42. Dream

43. Health

Words about saving

44. Save

45. Money

46. Win

47. Cheap

48. Free

49. Reduced

50. Bargain

51. Bonus

52. Discount

53. Lowest

Words about pain

54. Hate

55. Failure

56. Afraid

57. Lazy

58. Humiliation

59. Alone

60. Reject

61. Stress

62. Stupid

63. Guilty

Bonus: Imagine

When you ask your reader to imagine something, especially a good thing, you take him to a happy place and he starts to feel excited about the prospect of getting what he wants through your product.

This is done through NLP. ( I talked more about NLP in my Complete Copywriting Course).

Using NLP makes the reader associate your product with a good feeling which you aroused by asking him to imagine how he’ll feel after using the product.

Painting a scenario for your reader is a powerful way to get more people to say yes to your offer.

How to use these words to sell

Now that you’ve gotten the words that will make your copy convert well, you may start wondering if you should use all of them in your copy.

Well, if you can, that would be amazing.

But, instead of trying to cram all the words in your copy, know the emotion you’re trying to tap and use the words that bring out that emotion.

So, the next time you realize that you just wrote a boring-ass copy, be it a headline, offer, or CTA, refer back to this list and use the words in here to spice up your copy and prime it for the ultimate conversion.

Now it’s your turn

These are the words a copywriter should use in their marketing material.

Test them out and see if they help your copy convert. Don’t forget to tell me how it went.

Plus, if you have your own power words that you didn’t see in this list, let me know in the comment section and I’ll add them to the list.

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