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How to Write a Call to Action and PS for Increased Sales

Your Call to Action and Your PS

How can your craft your call to action and your PS to make more people take you up on your offer?

Today, I’ll take you through the last parts of your sales copy.

And it’s going to be in 2 parts.

The call-to-action (CTA) and your PS.

You’re going to learn how to craft a compelling call to action and postscript to make your sales copy a little bit more potent.

Let’s start with the CTA.

When you craft your CTA, make sure it ticks off these tricks:

It must jump off the page:

Make your CTA unmissable.

Your prospect should not look for your CTA button or else they’ll leave.

In sales, you must make the process easy for the prospect.

And you must tell them exactly what to do.

Don’t forget the HUGE button.

Use commands:

Be assertive with your CTA.

If you say something along the lines of, “If you like, click on this button below to get your own copy“.

Sorry, because no one will take you up on your offer.

Instead, you say, “Click Here Now!”

There’s more power in that command.

Don’t be a sissy. Be assertive.

Create a sense of urgency:

Let your prospect know that they must order now or they’ll miss out on whatever the scarcity is.

It could be that the price will go up or the offer will be taken down.

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Whatever it is, use it in your CTA to boost its effectiveness.

Now let’s go to the PS.

The PS is one of the most-read parts of a sales copy.

It summarizes your offer, injects scarcity, includes a warning, and finally, the call to action.

Remind the prospect of your incredible offer.

Warn them what might happen if they don’t buy now

Include your call to action and remind them of the limited time, quantity, or that the price will go up soon.

That’s it with my mini-series on how to write a sales copy that gets people to open up their wallets and give you their money.